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Last updated 08.14.21

Privacy Policy

At Digivoice, we like to keep things simple. We like to be straight forward and transparent with our customers. Below is a privacy policy that we aimed to be as transparent and simple as possible.

You and your company's privacy is of our utmost concern. Digivoice will never sell or share your data with anyone for any reason. We also believe that telecom companies providing information to law agencies without a warrant is immoral and a violation of your right to privacy. We will never share information willingly to government agencies without a warrant. Visit our 'canary' page to learn more.

What we collect

  • Personal information such as your name, employee names, and company and personal contact information such as emails and phone numbers.

  • Your business information such as addresses, emails, website domains, and phone numbers.

  • Your billing information such as CC numbers, billing addresses, ACH transfer information, and billing email.

  • Communication between Digivoice and your company. We take meticulous notes on customer interactions and our calls are recorded for quality.

  • Technical information such as IP addresses, dates and times of logins, login sources like browser type and location, your mobile phone type and build (if using our mobile apps), and dates and times of actions taken in our console or mobile app.

  • Phone call data such as calls placed to and from your services. Call date and time, caller ID information, and call audio recordings if enabled on your account.
    (Call audio is NOT recorded if you choose not to enable call recording on your account.)


  • SMS and MMS data such as text messages sent and received through Digivoice Services. SMS IDs such as phone numbers, date and time of messages, and message content.

Why we collect it

  • Personal and business information is strictly used to contact you and manage your account. Your private information is never sold to third parties, given to marketers, or shared without your explicit permission. Email addresses are occasionally used to send you information about new Digivoice features. You may opt out of these feature updates at any time.

  • Billing information is stored with a third party for privacy and safety. We do not store your billing information like CC's and ACH data outside of this secure system. (See Services and partners below)

  • Customer communication is maintained in our CRM to help us help you more efficiently and effectively. We take notes of our interactions with our customers to constantly improve and to keep track of all we have to do. This data is only used internally to manage and better your services.

  • Technical information is used for bettering your services and maintaining logs to keep our system as secure as possible. We use this data to watch for any unusual activity and to track any issues or bugs our system may have. We use technical information gathered from our mobile apps only for diagnostics and statistics. ​

  • Phone call and SMS data. You, your business, and your customers data is private and vigorously protected. We are firm believers in privacy rights and respecting the privacy of our customers. We will never ever sell or share your private call or SMS information with anyone for any reason outside of a valid warrant or Digivoice service functionality.
    Phone call information, recordings, and SMS and MMS data are accessible by select and vetted Digivoice employees who have all signed NDA and other privacy agreements. Access to your business's call and SMS information is used solely for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes. If there is a specific Digivoice employee you do not want to have access to your business information, please let us know by emailing

Services and Partners

Digivoice occasionally uses 3rd party services and partners with some companies to provide you with the best possible phone service. These services are vetted and held to the same standard of privacy that we have to protect your information. Specific information may be shared with these 3rd parties as outlined below. Access to their privacy policies are available here.

  • Stripe -
    Stripe is our payment processor service. They collect your CC or ACH information directly at signup and is never given to Digivoice. If you provide us with your CC information, it is only added to Stripe and not viewable after entry. (Except for the last 4 and expiration) Your billing address, company name, and owner name is also stored in Stripe.

  • Bandwidth -
    Bandwidth is our Tier 1 provider and is responsible for our phone number management and trunks. Your company name, phone numbers in Digivoice service, and company addresses for e911 are all provided to and stored in bandwidth.

  • Hubspot -
    We use Hubspot as our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. We use this software to store customer interactions, appointments, tasks, customer email communication, and use their service to send mass updates to our customers via email. We store your company and employee contact information including emails, phone numbers, names, company addresses and location, and domains in HubSpot.

  • Acrobits -
    We partner with Acrobits to bring you our mobile apps. We securely pass your account number, extension number and encrypted extension password to Acrobits for them to register the account on your mobile phone. After the registration, the information is not stored. We also pass SMS and MMS information to them for push notifications. MMS messages are temporarily stored in their service but deleted after passed to your mobile app.

How we collect it

  • All personal and company information is collected by you and your company providing us with this information during signup or conversations throughout your service. 
    No personal information is collected without you providing it to us first.

  • Technical information is collected by asking your browser or device to report basic information regarding your device while using our services. This includes cookies, weblogs, and mobile device information reporting. Your direct location is never obtained by Digivoice but we do use IP address geolocation to monitor unusual activity on our services.

  • SMS, MMS, and phone call data are collected when you send or receive a messages or calls in our service. This data is typically stored for 2 years with our service. If you choose to close your account, all company data (except for business name and contact information) is permanently removed after 30 days of cancelation. 

Privacy Updates

  • Digivoice will notify you by email and a banner in your console for any updates to our privacy policy. We will notify you 30 days before any major privacy policy updates before they take effect to give you time to decide if you wish to cancel services. (Although we don't anticipate changing our strict adherence to privacy for our customers)

  • Questions or concerns about our privacy policy can be emailed to or by calling us at 435.688.2980. We take privacy seriously and are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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