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Digivoice Canary

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As of

23 Apr 2024

Digivoice has never received an order under Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act nor have we created or been asked to create a back door into our services.

Furthermore, we have received:

0 National Security Orders

0 FISA Orders

0 Federal Warrants
State Warrants
Local Warrants
Classified request for user information
Gag Orders


What is a 'Canary' you ask? Back in the days of pre-VoIP coal mining, canaries were used to alert miners of possible gas exposure by dying. Sad life to live for the canary, yes, but to protect coal miners was their job. In todays day and age we too have a dangerous gas—The USA Patriot Act of 2001. Don't worry, Digivoice has a canary to protect you.

Due to the "legal" method of FISA gag orders, if the government wants to unethically gather information without a warrant from Digivoice, they can—and we can't tell you about it. 
Queue the canary. Legally we cannot tell you if we've been forced to comply with a NSL Order, but we cannot be forced to publish false information. Therefore we have this sweet little birdie here, if it dies, well, you know what that means.

Keep a close eye on this page and any changes it may have. WE WILL NOTIFY YOU IF WE MAKE CHANGES TO THIS PAGE THAT DOES NOT INDICATE A NSL ORDER. If we don't notify you of changes, well, the gas got to us first. Click here to learn more about privacy and warrant canaries.

You can see what this page looked like on August 14th, 2021 at

Image by Kaikara Dharma

If you see this green text above, then everything is A-Okay, you can ignore the box below.

If all you see is this red text, and no green text above, then the canary is dead.

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