Fully featured, cloud hosted, quality VoIP service for all your business needs. Nationally available, locally owned in Southern Utah, and competitively priced to help your business succeed.


Phones, Sans Frustration 

01. Fast & Easy

Sign up on our site, choose how many phones you need, get us a copy of your bill, put in your information, and we completely do the rest from setup to training.

02. Cost-Effective

Our rates are already low, but we'll match a competitors quote just to prove it. We're so confident in our service, we don't have contracts because our service speaks for itself. Also all our features are already included in the price--bundles and packages are so 2009.

03. Feature Rich

Unlimited calls, SMS, eFax, dashboards, reporting, analytics, call recording, hold music, custom calendars, professional voice recording, ring groups, call flow management, IVR systems, automatic text sending, mass messaging, multi-media messaging, video calls, voicemail transcription, call logs, 24x7 customer support, we could go on but our designer says lots of text isn't "appealing to the eye" so, if you need it, we probably have it.

99% retention rate.

Experience our

Come see why smart business owners prefer Digivoice over every other competitor available. Come get acquainted with our exceptionally kind customer service. Come get accustomed to reliable, quality sounding phone calls. There's no risk, no contract, no hassle--if you're not convinced, we'll give you a free (no card required) 2 week demo of our service. Come experience what good phone service really is, at Digivoice.




With our foundation in technology, we saw the need for better phone service in our area. We set out to become the change we wished to see.


Our aim is to bring you reliable, cost effective, feature heavy, quality office phone service so you never have to curse your provider again.


We're cloud hosted and secure with the latest in VOIP technology to make sure your customers can hear you loud and clear.


"Our company's experience with Digivoice has been nothing short of exceptional. ... I will always recommend Digivoice to anyone in the market..."

Emily F.  |  Regional manager at a nation wide pest control company

Highly rated,

for good reason.


✓ All Features, All Included

✓ Unlimited Calls Nationwide*

✓ SMS and MMS

✓ Web Dashboard

✓ Mobile App

✓ Custom IVRs & Autoattendants 

✓ Call Queues & Ring-groups

✓ Private and Group Voicemails

✓ 30 Days Call Recording

✓ Call Logs and Reports

✓ SMS on IVR Selection

✓ CRM Integrations

✓ Failsafe Backups & Redundancy 

✓ Hours and Calendars 

✓ Mass Client Messaging

✓ Custom Hold Music

✓ Conference Lines

✓ eFax Portal

✓ Voicemail to Email 

✓ Click to Call

✓ Sub User Accounts

✓ Professional Voice Recording

✓ Call Forwarding, Holding, Park

No Contract

24/7 Customer Support

*Alaska and Hawaii charge their own interstate rates and calls to these states may incur additional charges. Large call centers may incur higher rates depending on usage (>40k min/month)