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Hotel Reception


Phone service, for those providing hospitality.


Your main focus is keeping your residents happy. Efficiency is critical in the hospitality industry and worrying about phones shouldn't have to be your focus.


With the features at Digivoice, our system is built to help support staff be more efficient and save valuable time. These specialized features designed with your industry in mind, we are confident our system can support you better than ever.

Custom Fit

Whether you want the management/front desk and rooms to have phones, or just one or the other, we can provide the service. 

Text Messaging

Allow your guests to communicate with you through text message to arrange accomidations.

Latest Technology

Let your staff work hands free with Bluetooth. Have check-ins, hours, directions, and other tools automated by your phone system. Manage multiple locations from one phone!

Paging and Intercom

Make announcements to staff located in different locations including home offices.

Calendar Hours

Keep a schedule to send callers where they need to go and when. Send callers to an after hours line after regular hours.

CRM Integration

Integrate with the most popular CRMs to track call history, lookup clients, and see who is calling immediately.


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