All of our systems include the following features:​


Make calls, and take 'em. Locally, Long Distance, as well as to and from country in the world. Includes Caller ID, Call Waiting, and all other modern features.

Text Messaging

Your customers are texting you! Can you see what they are saying and respond? You can with Digivoice!

Reliable HD Audio

Get crystal clear phone calls with minimal disruption.

Staff Visibility

Get an at-a-glance look at who's on the phone, who's in DND, or who is available to take a call quickly.

Free Porting

Moving service to Digivoice? We will pay the associated costs to move service.

Hosted PBX

Our redundant data center ensures that your phone system is online and handling calls whether you are or not.

Soft Phone Support

Create a virtual extension using an app on your cell phone! Make and receive calls as if you were still at the office!

Music On Hold

Take advantage of your customers' ears. While you have them on hold, advertise your products and services to them! Ask us about free audio recording for your business!

Voicemail to Email

Out of the office and miss a call? Setup voicemail to email service and get a copy of the caller information and message delivered right to your email inbox.

Automatic Backups

We manage and protect your phone server including running weekly backups and updated in case of an emergency.

Call Flow Management

Need to make changes to the way your phone system works? We can help with that.

Fail Safe Backups

We custom program a route for your business calls from start to end. We look at every possible place a call could get lost and create routes to connect them with you in any event.

Our full list of features:

1. Business Features

  • Calling Queues
  • Conference bridge
  • Ring groups
  • Wake up calls
  • Announcements
  • Calendar with third-party integration
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Secure communications
  • Voicemail blasting
  • Video calling support
  • Follow me / find me calling
  • Text to speech
  • Fax –to – email

2. Calling Features

  • Voicemail
  • Call transfer
  • Call waiting
  • Call screening
  • Caller blacklisting
  • Do not disturb
  • Call transfer
  • Call recording
  • Call event logging
  • Call detail records / call history
  • Voicemail to email
  • Three-way calling support
  • Speed dials caller ID support

3. Telephony Support

  • Open Standards support for multiple protocols
  • Softphone support
  • Mobile phone /desktop support
  • Specialty device support (strobe alerts, voice gateways, failover devices, paging gateways, overhead paging, door phones)
  • PRI, ISDN, POTS /Analog, T1, EI, R2, J1

Is it time for your business to make the switch?